Priority Medical Group has 60 years of combined medical expertise in representing injured workers and motor vehicle accident cases. Our doctors have a minimum of 10 years experience each in representing  and and advocating for injured workers and motor vehicle accident cases. We have experience in expert witness, medical case review, and second opinion letters.

We pride ourselves on being the best to evaluate your case so that you can get the benefits you deserve, as fast as possible. The most important thing we have learned in representing injured workers and motor vehicle accident cases is that “Details Matter.” We will fully evaluate your medical records, and guide you on the necessary medical tests you may require to build your case and allow for the most best possible outcome.

We are well acquainted with the EEOICPA and and serve several patients in our medical practice who have received compensation under the law. In addition to our board certifications as internists, we are certified to perform impairment ratings under Part E of the EEOICPA and RECA.

We have helped thousands of injured workers and motor vehicle accident cases to maximize their benefits with the government and insurance companies.




Kirk has been a nurse for over 20 years with experience in a variety of clinics settings including med-surg, corrections, ER, home health, hospice, vascular access specialists, PICC nurse and RN case manager for catastrophic injury and illness cases. Kirk has spent the majority of of his time in nursing management and oversight in building nursing teams and nurse oriented healthcare organizations. He is an experienced educator And entrepreneur with 7 healthcare related companies under Tjalas Enterprises. Kirk is a speaker at the local, regional and national level. Kirk received his doctorate degree from Universal Life Seminary, his Masters of Science in nursing from Walden University, and associates in social work through Pima College.

Dr. Tjalas is a Family Nurse Practitioner Board Certified from the American Nurses Credentialing Center, Vascular Access board certified through the Association of Vascular Access, and is certified by the American Board of Independent Medical the American Medical Association Guides to Disability 5th & 6th editions.

He sits on various heath care boards on the local and national levels. He is on board of the National Small Business Association and also serves on the health care Leadership committee for NSBA. Kirk also has served on the VACC Testing Committee and currently serves on the Vascular Access Certification Corporation as a Director at Large. Dr. Tjalas practices full time as a clinician in a multi-specialty medical practice in Tucson, Arizona.



Dr. Marsh is Board Certified in Family Practice Medicine, and has been practicing medicine in Tucson for 30 years with an emphasis on painful musculoskeletal conditions, including, personal injury, as well as Workman’s Compensation cases. He has served as an expert witness and participated in many depositions and court cases over the years.

He has served as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine for Western States University of Health Sciences and Midwestern University of Health Sciences. Dr. Marsh has recently received special training and certification (for the 5th and 6th editions of the AMA Guidelines) in the performance of high quality Independent Medical Evaluations by the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME).



Dr. Bradley Hughes is a Primary Care Physician who has seven years of experience doing evaluations and care in the area of Occupational Medicine. He is trained and certified to perform Independent Medical Examinations and is well-versed in the regulations governing occupational exposure under the umbrella of the Department of Labor. He has a special interest in caring for at-risk populations and helping them navigate the often frustrating red tape that keeps them from accessing the care and benefits they have earned.

Dr. Hughes grew up in rural Kentucky and attended medical school at the University of Louisville before moving to Phoenix in 2010 to continue his training. In addition to his medical practice he is a father to two young sons and volunteers within his community.