• Priority Medical Group Background Investigation Release

    I, the undersigned, do hereby authorize Priority Medical Group, to conduct a background investigation into the following areas of my employment history: current and previous employment, education including professional certificates or degrees, criminal and civil records.


    I hereby authorize any person, agent, corporation, company, agency, or institution, to release any information, documents, or assessments they possess or my performance as an employee, student, associate or acquaintance.
    I release, and permanently hold harmless, Priority Medical Group, their agents and assigns, from demands and or liabilities that may originate from these investigations, conducted by them or their agents, any person, corporation, company, institution that may act upon the authority of this release.
    I hereby authorize that a photocopy or electronic facsimile of this document shall serve as an original. If a Notarized copy of this document is required for background check, the notarized copy will be provided.
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