• Policies for the Employee

    1. Office hours are from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday to Friday. If you have any concerns or problems that might affect your work performance, notify staff through phone number 866-786-3999. An on-call staffer is available after hours through the office line.

    2. Must maintain a current TB Skin Test/X-ray; otherwise you will not be able to work.

    3. Must maintain a CPR licensure at all times. CPR classes are offered by the company through online class and in office skills demonstration.

    4. Uniform should be in professional taste, scrubs, no logos or advertisement of alcohol, profanity or sayings considered by social norms as political, racial or demeaning to any race, gender or sexual orientation.

    5. You are to wear your badge at all times at each facility.

    6. You must be on time! If you are going to be late, call the office or on call staffer. Otherwise, pre-scheduling privileges will not be applied to a contractor or to those who are consistently late. No call and no show is cause for termination.

    7. Late cancellation guidelines: 12 hour notice must be given in order to cancel a shift. If you do not cancel within the time period or do not show up for your scheduled shift, you may be liable for any fees or cost Priority Medical Group incurs from your absence.

    8. Weekly compensation: Physical Checks will not be given for payroll. Direct Deposit must be used for Payroll.

    9. Holiday Rates: Holiday shifts are paid time and one half the regular rates. Holiday begins on the night (11-7) and ends (3-11), with the exception of Christmas and New Year which begins Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve (3-11) and Christmas and New Year day (3-11) shift.

    a. Holidays: Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day. You must be employed for 90 days before receiving holiday pay.

    10. All electronic charting is to be completed 24 hours after the start of the shift, no exceptions. Any paper charting is to be faxed or emailed in every Monday morning, by 10am, no exceptions.

    11. Don’t hold your time cards more than a week otherwise delayed payment from facility will occur.

    12. Update us with-in 24 hours if you change your contact information.

    13. Preliminary Drug Screen is required. You cannot be staffed until this is done.

    14. Professional Liability Insurance is provided by the company.

    15. If you are called off for the scheduled shift within less than 1 ½ hours, you will be compensated for two working hours. However, any call off for more than 1 ½ hours will not be compensated (i.e. Priority Medical Group calls you off at 1:15 PM for a 3-11 shift – no compensation, if you are called off at 1:35 PM then you will be compensated for 2 hours.)