Yes. If you have the time, patience and fortitude you may be successful. Our caution is that you review the historical approval rates on the DOL web site. Approximately 50% of all claims are denied. There are many reasons for this.  Check this link for the latest statistics:

You and your family have been through a lot. Whether you are suffering from a health condition as a result of your former employment or your loved one is, the last thing you need is to deal with an overcomplicated filing process, confusing paperwork, and potential setbacks that may lead to a claim denial.

This is why MD VIP 365 exists! We know the filing process and the EEOICPA program inside and out, which means we take the quickest route to a successful claim. Plus, we have the necessary contacts to expedite your filing or get the information you need if there are delays or other issues. We don’t stop until you have the compensation you deserve, even if that means fixing and refiling a denied claim.