When it comes to payment for EEOICPA services from Kirk and MD VIP 365, there are no surprises, hidden costs or money upfront—ever. Our fee structure is simple; if you win, your fee is 2% of the award. If you do not win, you owe nothing.

While the EEOICPA allows an Authorized Representative to charge a maximum of 2% for New Claims and up to 10% for Prior Denials, we charge 2% for New and Prior Denial claims. There are no exceptions: we do not charge any fees whatsoever until you have the compensation in your possession. Then, we receive only a flat 2% of the settlement—never more.

Of course, if for some reason your claim is denied, we do not receive a penny. It doesn’t matter how many phone calls we make or how much time we spend on your claim—until you see the money, there’s no payment.