Patient medication history is a list of prescriptions that healthcare providers have prescribed for you. A variety of sources, including pharmacies and health insurers, contribute to the collection of this history.

The collected information is stored in the practice electronic medical record system and becomes part of your personal medical record. Medication history is very important in helping providers treat your symptoms and/or illness properly and avoid potentially dangerous drug interactions.

It is very important that you and your provider discuss all your medications in order to ensure that your recorded medication history is 100% accurate. Some pharmacies do not make prescription history information available, and your medication history might not include drugs purchased without using your health insurance.

Also over‐the‐counter drugs, supplements, or herbal remedies that you take on your own may not be included.

I give my permission to allow my healthcare provider to obtain my medication history from my pharmacy, my health plans, and my other healthcare providers.

By signing this consent form you are giving your healthcare provider permission to collect and share your pharmacy and your health insurer information about your prescriptions that have been filled at any pharmacy or covered by any health insurance plan. This includes prescription medicines to treat AIDS/HIV and medicines used to treat mental health issues such as depression.