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Solving Complex Health Needs With CCM + RPM

Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management is a U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) program for individuals with multiple chronic diseases. CCM focuses on behavior change coaching for Medicare patients with two or more chronic conditions. Approximately 80% of older adults have at least one chronic disease, and 77% have at least two or more. Offering CCM enables healthcare providers to sustain and grow their practice and most importantly, improve patient health.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring enables the monitoring of patients outside of conventional clinical settings through the assistance of technology. This increases a patient’s access to health care, while decreasing delivery costs. RPM allows patients to use connected medical devices to perform routine tests and send the data to health care professionals.

Better Together

Chronic care management and remote patient monitoring work together to improve patient health care. RPM allows caregivers to pay close attention to CCM patients health data to provide proactive care rather than reactive care. CCM and RPM work together to extend quality care and build closer relationships with patients. Incorporating RPM in chronic care management can significantly improve an individual’s quality of life. CCM and RPM can be billed in the same month because CMS recognizes the two services are complementary.

Our COVID-19 Response

PMG continues to help our community by offering rapid antigen and PCR tests. Now offering both the Moderna (ages 18 and older) and Pfizer (ages 5 and older) COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots. Click the link below to request an appointment.

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Behavioral Health

PMG offers outpatient behavioral health services to adults with serious mental illnesses, general mental health issues, and/or substance use issues.

Therapy & Counseling

PMG’s licensed professional therapists are dedicated to helping individuals and families reduce emotional and psychological distress and improve the quality of their lives and relationships.


Our ketamine treatment services can provide fast relief from major depressive symptoms, including suicidal thoughts. They are available to adults age 18 and older who have not had success with traditional treatments for depression.

IV Drips

Our IV infusion therapy treatments are highly potent because they circumvent the problems that come with oral administration, including low absorption and upset stomach.

Joint Muscle & Nerve Injections

We offer injections into a specific joint for the purpose of decreasing pain and inflammation. Joints considered for injections are shoulder, elbow, knee, and hip.

Medication Therapy Management

We offer five core elements: medication therapy review, a personal medication record, a medication-related action plan, intervention or referral, and documentation and follow-up.

Preventative Care

We offer a variety of preventative care services such as annual physical exams, vaccinations and immunizations, and wellness exams.

Acute Symptoms

We offer diagnostics and treatment for many acute symptoms such as ear infections, strep throat, flu, colds, minor injuries and other illnesses.

Chronic Issues

You can rely on us to treat all of your chronic care needs such as hypertension, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, thyroid disorders, low testosterone and others.

Weight Loss Program

If you are unable to lose weight with diet or exercises alone, prescription medication may be right for you.


Arizona is one of the worst places for allergies. We offer both allergy skin testing and treatment of pollen, animal, dander and food allergens.

Low T Treatment

We treat men with Low T under the supervision of a licensed practitioner. We offer T shots in clinic & prescriptions for self-injection.

Online Doctor Visit

For minor conditions, telemedicine can save you time and money.

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We Accept Most Insurance

Primary Insurance Plans

○ Medicare
○ Aetna
○ BlueCross / BlueShield of AZ
○ United Healthcare
○ Cigna
○ Tricare
○ Humana

DOL / OWCP / Workers Compensation Plans

○ Black Lung
○ Long Shore Harbor


○ Banner University
○ Care 1st
○ Health Choice
○ Magellan
○ AHCCCS – Mercy Care Care Plans
○ AHCCCS – United Healthcare Care Plans
○ AHCCCS – Arizona Complete Care Plans

We Cannot Take

For HMO patients, please call our office as in most cases we must be listed as your primary care provider. Call 520-689-6814 to talk to one of our insurance specialists.


Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.

Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.

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