Our Pain Management Compliance Protocol at Priority Medical Group incorporates a range of strategies to prioritize patient safety and adherence to treatment guidelines.

Adherence Monitoring Measures

To ensure proper medication use, we implement regular drug screens, allowing us to monitor patients closely and verify the appropriate utilization of prescribed medications.

Thorough Pill Assessments

Priority Medical Group conducts routine pill counts as part of our compliance measures. This practice enables us to assess for any potential diversion and verify that patients are adhering to their prescribed medication regimen.

Supportive Advocate Inclusion

We require patients to include an advocate as an integral part of their pain management treatment. This advocate serves as a valuable source of assistance and support throughout the process, enhancing overall patient care.

Pharmacy Collaboration

Maintaining open communication with pharmacies is a fundamental aspect of our protocol. Regular contact with these establishments enables us to stay informed about the medications our patients are prescribed, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their treatment plans.

Establishing Medical Justification

To qualify for our Pain Management program, patients must meet stringent criteria, having exhausted other therapeutic options such as surgery, injections, and physical therapy. Demonstrating moderate to severe functional loss through appropriate diagnosis and documentation is crucial in establishing the need for specialized pain management.

Tailored Pain Management Solutions

Chronic pain requires personalized attention and tailored care. At Priority Medical Group, we invest time in reviewing your medical history and engaging in thorough consultations to identify the root cause of your pain. With this knowledge, we develop an individualized pain management plan best suited to your specific diagnosis.

Compassionate and Experienced Pain Specialists

We recognize the far-reaching impact of chronic pain, both physically and emotionally. Our dedicated providers approach each patient with compassion and empathy, offering non-judgmental treatment options. Additionally, we integrate behavioral health visits into our comprehensive care model, ensuring a holistic approach to pain management for all our patients.