Rediscovering Personalized Care and Direct Relationships with Physicians

In the realm of healthcare, the concept of paying doctors directly for their services is not a new phenomenon. Before the emergence of insurance systems like Medicare and the complex network of healthcare organizations, patients had the ability to connect directly with their doctors for immediate medical care. However, as the bureaucracy surrounding healthcare grew, patients lost this convenience and found themselves facing a fragmented system with limited access to their physicians.

In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, doctors are burdened by overwhelming patient loads, rushing from one room to another and spending minimal time with each individual. With little opportunity for advocacy, physicians unwittingly became financial advocates for insurance companies, prioritizing their interests over patient care.

Fortunately, the Personalized Wellness Program has emerged as a solution to restore order and prioritize the doctor-patient relationship. By eliminating the financial interests of intermediaries, this approach places patients back at the core of their healthcare experience.

Discover the Benefits of Personalized Wellness Program at Priority Medical Group

At Priority Medical Group, we embrace the principles of the Personalized Wellness Program, empowering our physicians to be the sole providers for all medical needs. By significantly reducing patient loads, our dedicated physicians can allocate ample time to address chronic conditions and overall wellness. As a member of our program through an annual membership fee, you can enjoy the following comprehensive primary care services:

1. Prompt Access: Same and next-day appointments for immediate attention.

2. Comprehensive Wellness: Annual exams and physicals to monitor your overall health.

3. Thorough Examinations: Longer and more comprehensive examinations to ensure thorough care.

4. Preventative Focus: Consultations and management for proactive preventive care.

5. Coordinated Care: Seamless coordination with specialists and hospital personnel.

6. Convenient Communication: Access to physicians via phone, electronic communication, and videoconferencing for timely medical advice.

Insurance and Membership Fee Considerations

While the Personalized Wellness Program offers a transformative healthcare experience, it is essential to note that it is not a substitute for insurance coverage. You will still need to maintain health insurance to cover hospitalizations, medications, specialist visits, diagnostic tests, and other healthcare services. We can gladly refer you to an insurance representative to assist with your coverage needs.

It’s important to understand that the annual membership fee at Priority Medical Group is not reimbursable by Medicare or any other insurance provider. We accept Medicare or Medicare + Supplement plans, as well as patients with commercial insurance (for individuals younger than 65) who can be accommodated under non-contracted agreements, with applicable deductibles.

Please note that we do not accept Private Insurer Policy-HMO or Medicare Advantage-HMO plans. Additionally, Priority Medical Group handles Medicare claims directly on behalf of patients, eliminating the need for individuals to submit claims for reimbursement.

Transparent Annual Membership Fee Structure

Our annual membership fee structure ensures simplicity and convenience for our patients. Please find our fee scale below:

All Patients:

– Individuals: $3,000 per year

– Family: $2,800 per individual per year

Flexible Billing Options:

– Annual: Single payment made prior to the calendar year

– Semi-Annual: Two payments made per calendar year

We are committed to providing exceptional personalized care and fostering direct relationships between our physicians and patients. Join us at Priority Medical Group and experience the transformative benefits of the Personalized Wellness Program firsthand.